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Choosing a Breed

So you have decided that a pure breed dog is for you. You might know what breed you want already, but some of you may have a few to choose from and you are balancing on the fence about it.

Personality and Energy Level

The American Kennel Club is a great place to start your search. Breeds are broken into groups according to their type. Each breed has it’s own level of energy, size range, and personality traits. Such as working group, which is generally larger dogs, the toy group, ok, I am sure you can guess what those are. Or perhaps the Terrier group with its lively members is just right for you and your kids. If you choose a terrier, you almost have to have kids so they can wear each other out!

Grooming Requirements

A Beagle or Chihuahua requires no more than an occasional bath and toenail clipping. A breed like a Poodle needs clipping to keep the coat in good condition. So does a Yorkshire Terrier. In addition, a “Yorkie” will need daily brushing. A Golden Retriever requires brushing, but no clipping. So if you want the luxurious for of a long haired dog, be prepared to spend time brushing that hair. I actually enjoy brushing my dogs and they love it too!

Health Issues

This issue is often over looked when people choose their pure breed dog. All breeds have health issues that are inherent in the breed. Large breeds can suffer hip dysplasia, but did you know some small breeds can have that problem? Before you make you final decision you should learn what health issues may affect your breed and the severity of those issues. Again the AKC can help, look at the breeder referrals and you will be directed to websites affiliated with the various breeds.

Enjoying the Weekend with My Dogs

Hi folks, the weekend is here. There is so much I want to share with you and if you have *tumbld* across my blob, you are probably waiting for what is coming next. Well, you won’t be let down. Next week, I will have a list of questions you will want when you start looking for your Pure Breed Dog.

Until then my dogs want to go play at the sand bar and look for crabs and fish.

Feeding Your New Puppy

Congratulations! You have a squirming, squeaking little bundle of laughter.

I am sure you immediately set off for the pet supply store for a bed, a crate, some toys… And OH… what are you going to feed your puppy?

Contrary to what most people think (and what dog food companies WANT you to think) PUPPY FOOD is NOT the best choice!

True growing puppies need proper nutrition, but if the nutrition is too good, a puppy can grow bones and muscle faster than the connective tissue and you’ll end up with severe joint problems in spite of getting your efforts to buy a puppy from a respected breeder.

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Fallen hocks
  • Luxating patellae

These are problems that can be inherited, but they can also be caused by growing a puppy too fast.

What do I feed my puppy?

It is not hard to find a quality food. But first let’s understand the principles. Dogs by nature were intended to catch what they could and scavenge. Their digestive systems were created to handle raw foods and they are not susceptible to Salmonella. Mother dogs would eat their meal and then regurgitate food for the puppies. Now what the puppies received was already partially digested and the mother has already absorbed some of the nutritive value. The puppies got an easily digested lowered nutrition food which would help them grow slowly and steadily.

How does this translate to what you are going to feed your puppy? First, check this website Dog Food Analysis and look at the ratings. Ignore the puppy food ratings and go right to the active adult foods.

Active adult foods will still have a high nutritive value and calories, but not quite so high as puppy formulas. Choose a food with at least a 4 star rating.

These foods will be located at health food stores, better pet suppliesand even some vets carry these foods. They cost a little more, but you will save on your vet bills. When you dog is older, switching to a balanced Raw Diet will keep your dog healthiest.

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